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The UTS Hiseal range manufactured by EATON SOURIAU-SUNBANK are a full waterproof plastic series, rated to IP69K dynamic (unmated). They are UV resistant, qualified to UL/IEC standards, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. They have the addition of sealed contacts.

The UTS7xxE jam-nut receptacles has a single-nut mounted design and D-shape cutout to secure to the panel. They are available as a male and female version.

General Specs
Shell Body & Backshell Thermoplastic UL94-V0
Insert Elastomer
Mating Cycle 250
Operating Temperature - 40 °C / + 105 °C
Insulation Resistance Min. 5000 Meg Ohms at 500VDC
Test Voltage 2000 VAC
Corrosion per EIA-026A ≥ 500hrs
Sealing IP69K dynamic (mated)
UV Resistance Yes, upto 5 years in natural light
Wire Termination Solder Type
RoHS Compliance Yes
Tech Data
UTS7xxE : 8E2 / Male
UTS7xxE : 8E2 / Female
UTS7xxE : 8E4 / Male
UTS7xxE : 8E4 / Female
UTS7xxE : 10E6 / Male
UTS7xxE : 10E6 / Female
UTS7xxE : 12E8 / Male
UTS7xxE : 12E8 / Female
UTS7xxE : 12E10 / Male
UTS7xxE : 12E10 / Female
UTS7xxE : 12E14 / Male
UTS7xxE : 12E14 / Female
UTS7xxE : 14E12 / Male
UTS7xxE : 14E12 / Female
UTS7xxE : 14E18 / Male
UTS7xxE : 14E18 / Female
UTS7xxE : 14E19 / Male
UTS7xxE : 14E19 / Female
Contact Size AWG sq.mm Max. Strip Length (mm)
#16 (Ø 1.6mm) 20-16 0.5-1.50 5
#20 (Ø 1.0mm) 22-20 0.35-0.50 5
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