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Connector Modification

Need a product to tailor fit your application...

Call us to discuss the viability of modifying a standard product to suit your application. We can review your requirements and discuss the options available if feasible.

Custom Cable Design

Want a cable to suit your particular job...

Are you looking for a cable with power, data and signal capabilities? We can design a hybrid cable that can manage multiple paramaters. We can also incorporate sheilding and PVC or PUR sheathing as required. Our design team can work with you to design a best-fit solution.

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Harness Manufacture & Assembly

Need a wiring loom put together...

Our IPC trained and certified operators can manufacture various types of harnesses/looms to meet international standards. We can cater for small (5-10) looms to large volume harnesses (500+).

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Our sales team specialises in sourcing geniune, rugged, high-performance products across the automotive, military and industrial ranges. Get in touch to discuss your next requirement, and we shall guide you to a suitable product best suited for your needs.