Made to Order

Built to your exact requirements

When you need more than off the shelf components, we can assist.

Whether it is a flexible 'braided' copper connection, a flexible copper 'laminated' connection, a hybrid electrical/power/data cable, or just a custom manufactured part, our partners are ready to work with us to design and manufacture to your specification.

Flexible Copper Braided Connections

- Available in Round, Flat and Square construction, in bare, tinned or silver platings
- Cross-sectional sizes range from 0.05sq.mmto
- Manufactured in a braided or rope constructions
- Single wire size from 0.05 (for high flex) to 0.5 (low flex)
- Terminal ends can be supplied with DIN standard copper crimp lugs or flat-pressed copper tubes

Provide us with your drawing/sample to get a quote.

Flexible Copper Laminated Connections

- Electrolytic laminated copper sheets, fused by high current and pressure
- Close to negligible millivolt drop across the connector, increasing the current carrying capacity
- Manufactured to a range of sizes, shapes and current carrying capacity to suit your application
- Generally supplied in tinned copper but can be supplied with electro-tinned, silver of gold-plating

Provide us with your drawing for a quotation.

Hybrid/Custom Electrical Cables

Cables designed to suit automotive, communications, data, high temperature, load-cells and power

We can design and manufacture multi-function cable with a combination to suit your specific application (i.e. Power, Signal & Data).

We can manufacture small cable runs for prototyping, depending on the application.

We can also provide a customised colour of the outer sheath to suit branding, depending on your application.

Machined / Compression Mould / Accessories

We can asssist in developing bespoke machined parts, compression moulded items and connector components & accessories.

Our capabilities include design and manufacture to customer specifications or use an existing sample to reverse engineer the product for out of market items where feasible.

We have manufactured for a wide range of industries and applications, so contact us to discuss your requirements.

Talk to one of our experts

Our sales team specialises in sourcing geniune, rugged, high-performance products across the automotive, military and industrial ranges. Get in touch to discuss your next requirement, and we shall guide you to a suitable product best suited for your needs.