Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles)

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Metal dust caps for receptacles/inlets MS 3101 and 3102 styles.

  • Provides protection from dust/moisture when not in use.
  • Secured with a 120mm long sash-chain.
  • Internal threads for securing to receptacles (MS 3101 & 3102).
General Specs
Body Aluminium Alloy
Plating Olive Drab Cadmium
Securing Chain Stainless steel
Tech Data
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 10SL
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 12S
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 14S
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 16S/16
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 18
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 20
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 22
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 24
Metal Dust Caps (Receptacles) : 28
No tech data currently available.

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