Feed Through Terminals

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Our terminals are made from polyamide 6.6, with compliance to UL, CSA, ATEX and EN 60947-7-1, 60947-7-2 international standards.

Our terminals are also RoHS compliant.

General Specs
Terminal material
Polyamide 6.6
Screw clamp Steel
Screws Hardened steel
Current bar Electrolytic grade copper, or copper alloy
Flammability rating V94 per UL standards
Mounting TS 32 and TS 35 
Voltage rating 1000V (IEC), 600V (CSA/UL)
Tech Data
Feed Through Terminals : 2.5 sqmm
Feed Through Terminals : 4 sq.mm
Feed Through Terminals : 6 sq.mm
Feed Through Terminals : 10 sq.mm
Size Terminal Pitch Cross-section Wire stripping length Screw Size Current rating
KUT2.5N 5 mm 2.5 sq mm 10 mm M2.6 24A (IEC), 20A (CSA/UL)
KUT4N 6 mm 4 sq mm 12 mm M3 32A (IEC), 30A (CSA/UL)
KUT6N 8 mm 6 sq mm 12 mm M3.5 41A (IEC), 50A (CSA/UL)
KUT10N 10 mm 10 sq mm 12 mm M4 65A (IEC), 65A (CSA/UL)
No tech data currently available.

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