Container Series

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Our CEEtyp range of IEC 60309 connectors are a GERMAN made product manufactured by WALTHER WERKE GmBH.

IEC plus/sockets specific for the container (reefer) industry running their standard with screw-terminals. All items are IP67 with 3h, 4P, 32A, 400V ratings.

General Specs
Polyamide, self-extinguishing
Brass, Nickel plated
Operating Temperature - 25 °C / + 40 °C
IP Rating IP 67
Tech Data
Container Series : Wall sockets
Container Series : Plugs
Container Series : Couplers
Container Series : Appliance Inlets
Container Series : Switches Sockets
Current AWG
32A 13-10 2.5-6.0
No tech data currently available.

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