D38999 Metric Adaptors

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Our specialised design that allows fitment of a metric gland to the plug body providing a secure IP68 sealing at the cable entry point. They feature:

  • Threading on one end to fit onto the body of the plug.
  • Metric threads on the other end to allow fitment of metal/plastic/pig-tail glands.
  • Gland NOT included.

NOTE: For other sizes/variants, please consult our office for further details.

General Specs
Adaptor body Aluminium Alloy
Plating Nickel 
Tech Data
D38999 Metric Adaptors : 09 / M12
D38999 Metric Adaptors : 11 / M16
D38999 Metric Adaptors : 13 / M16
D38999 Metric Adaptors : 15 / M20
D38999 Metric Adaptors : 17 / M25
D38999 Metric Adaptors : 19 / M25


Shell Size 'A' Threading 'B' Threading

Total Length


Max. Diameter


09 M12x1.0-6H M12x1.5-6H 30.0 Ø16.3 ±0.50
11 M15x1.0-6H M16x1.5-6H 35.0 Ø19.5 ±0.50
13 M18x1.0-6H M16x1.5-6H 35.0 Ø22.5 ±0.50
15 M22x1.0-6H M20x1.5-6H 40.0 Ø26.0 ±0.50
17 M25x1.0-6H M25x1.5-6H 45.0 Ø29.5 ±0.50
19 M28x1.0-6H M25x1.5-6H 45.0 Ø32.0 ±0.50
No tech data currently available.

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