Rubber Dust Caps (Receptacles MG)

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AC 31B Series rubber dust covers are an alternative to the standard metal body dust covers. They are,

  • Made from neoprene rubber.
  • Used for the panel (box) mounted MG 02 style connectors.
  • Supplied with a 125mm long cord.
  • Quick push-in to secure, providing general dust protection.

NOTE: For other cord lengths, please contact our office for further details.

Tech Data
Rubber Dust Caps (Receptacles MG) : 10
Rubber Dust Caps (Receptacles MG) : 14
Rubber Dust Caps (Receptacles MG) : 18
Rubber Dust Caps (Receptacles MG) : 20
Rubber Dust Caps (Receptacles MG) : 24







10SL 23.0 18.0 125
12SL 26.0 18.0 125
14S 29.0 18.0 125
16S 32.0 18.0 125
18S 36.0 18.0 125
20S 40.0 18.0 125
22S 42.0 18.0 125
24S 46.0 18.0 125
No tech data currently available.

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