62IN Metric Adaptors

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An alternative backshell design that allows fitment of a metric gland to the plug body providing a secure IP68 sealing at the cable entry point. They feature:

  • Threading on one end to fit onto the body of the plug.
  • Metric threads on the other end to allow fitment of metal/plastic/pig-tail glands.
  • Glands NOT included.

NOTE: For other sizes/variants, please consult our office for further details.

General Specs
Adaptor body Aluminium Alloy
Plating Cadmium free, Zinc-cobalt Olive finish
Tech Data
62IN Metric Adaptors : 08 / M12
62IN Metric Adaptors : 10 / M12
62IN Metric Adaptors : 10 / M16
62IN Metric Adaptors : 12 / M16
62IN Metric Adaptors : 12 / M20
62IN Metric Adaptors : 14 / M16
62IN Metric Adaptors : 16 / M20
62IN Metric Adaptors : 14 / M20


Shell Size Gland Entry

Total Length


08 M12x1.5P 25.0
10 M12x1.5P 25.0
10 M16x1.5P 25.0
12 M16x1.5P 25.0
12 M20x1.5P 25.0
14 M16x1.5P 25.0
14 M20x1.5P 25.0
16 M20x1.5P 25.0
No tech data currently available.

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