EV / High Voltage / High Current Series

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1000V AC Power Connectors

Based on the 5015 and reverse bayonet locking series, utilising the RADSOCK contact technology, from 125A to 500A, with built in HVIL circuitry for safety.

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Single-pin or multi-pin, range upto 100kVDC connectors

Single-pin, 10-40kVDC; single-pin, 10-100kVDC; multi-pin, upto 5kVDC; multi-pin, uptop 15kVDC; full plastic, upto 8kVDC; modular, upto 12kVDC

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High Current Plus/Sockets, 200 A - 400 A applications

For use in applications such as tunnel cunstructions, marine motor pumps, railway depot power supply, gravel plant power supply, etc. Available in 4P and 5P, 200-400Amps.

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