1 Push buttons and switchgear  (6.66Mb)
Illuminated, non-illuminated, flush, projecting, booted, twin selector switches, stayput and spring return, filament lamps and LEDs, etc.

2 Flexible copper connections  (0.51Mb)
Round, flat, square, bunched, twisted, bare copper, silver plated or tinned copper, special made to order.

3 Din rail terminals  (6.58Mb)
Screw-type through, spring clamp, earth, knife contact, disconnect and test, distribution blocks, universal mounting.

4 CPSFLEX Conduits
Manufactured from Polyamid6, polyethylene and polypropylene, they are halogen free, eco-friendly and recyclable.
4.01 Overview   (1.90Mb)
4.02 CPS Type   (1.00Mb)
4.03 PAH Type   (900kb)
4.04 POH Type   (1.1Mb)
4.05 PAR Type   (860kb)
4.06 PES Type   (860kb)
4.07 PPS Type   (860kb)
4.10 CPSS Type   (760kb)
4.11 PPSS Type   (750kb)
For a complete range of connector fittings to suit above conduits, please contact our staff for further details and information.