Our unique position with a supporting network of manufacturers and distributors, allows us to customize a product to suit any particular application. This can be for the Defence, Industrial or Motorsport applications. With close ties to various manufacturers, some dating back to 25+ years, our ability to modifiy 'off-the-shelf' product, to suit your application, is part of our service that we feel not a lot of other suppliers can offer.

We can re-design and modify,

  • Connectors with a range of profile inserts, high-temp inserts, modified backshells, PCB stand-off contacts, etc.
  • Cable with hybrid capabilities, multi-cores not traditionally offered, colour coding to suit your need, etc.
  • Harness manufacture to your design, with engineered drawing capabilities.

We welcome you to use our skills to,

  • Re-vamp your harnesses, with IPC Certified Specialists and Trainer to ensure your product meets an Internationally recognised standard.
  • Obtain a delivery & service that your application the highest standard
  • Design your next development, where confidentiality and trust is key to your on-going success.

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Not sure about which series will best suit your application..

Call us to discuss your next requirement, and we shall guide you to a suitable product best suited for your need.

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Need a product to tailor fit your application..

Call us to discuss the vialibity of modifying a standard product and modifying it to suit your application. Sometimes this may not be a straight-forward process but if the option is there, we can discuss the options available.

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Want a cable to suit your particular job..

Are you looking for a cable that can incorporate signal and data capabilites, then look no further. We can design a hybrid cable that can manage both parameters, with sheilding or not. Our design team can work with you to design a best-fit solution.

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Want a harness designed..

Do you need a harness designed or re-engineered, then our specialists can assist you in designing one. We can either use an existing harness or design one for you.


All information provided on this website is correct at time of publishing to the best of our knowledge.

We advise our customer to ensure that any selection is done so with proper consulation with appropriate technical personnel.

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